I came from the outside, the rules of photography  didn’t interest me… there were things you could do with a camera that you couldn’t do with any other medium… grain, contrast, blur, cock- eyed framing, eliminating or exaggerating grey tones and so on. I thought it would be good to show what’s possible, to say that this is as valid of a way of using the camera as conventional approaches.”
William Klein

The photographic artistry that is transmitted to us from the eye and circuit board of Dilshad Corleone is a moving and unique vision that reaches the depths of human emotion and the stark reality of everyday life. Corleone has the power to transform ‘nothing’ into ‘something.’ This ‘something,’ is often, surreal and transcendent. Corleone’s transmission to us, coded in ones and zeros is clearly a penetrating journey from the external to the internal.

Corleone adeptly captures and transforms moments with clarity and respect into profound visual statements with burning intensity. His works stare and pry into the very nature and soul of the human and architectural entity and with a gentle touch and tap, with a blur and a scratch, he melds color and the greyscale to create poignant interactions, moments of joy, solitude and hope that are extruded with care from the crackle and buzz of the city streets. This is where he roams and hunts his photographic prey. He floats with us, next to us, above us and behind us, in the circus of life, snapping away, his keen eye focused on capturing the ambiguity of moments in the fog of human existence. Filtered through technology Corleone offers illumination.

Look closely, pay attention and you can feel how completely absorbed he is in the minutiae of life that we overlook and ultimately, we should applaud him for bringing such beauty to the surface.